I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas story's

On the first day of Christmas I saw santa in my tree.told him to get off,he refused and said no,so I knocked him down the chimney.

On the second day of Christmas my mum said to me...look there is Rudolph and little vixon so I ran outside and they were gone.

On the third day of Christmas i saw Santa's elfs.one was stripping.2 were dance ing and 3 were on top if the tree

On the forth day of Christmas my dad said to me.five hourses jumping,2 sleeping births and 4 on top of a chimney.

On the fith day of Christ mad I was sleeping all day.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I'm so disappointed because I did nothing on my inquiry from the start to the end. Next time I will get it done and finished without having much trouble by doing my work. I was messing around and not doing my work because I couldn't be bothered. Next time,I will pick a better topic to work on instead of pollution and greenhouse gases. I also need to ask for help next time instead of just sitting down.

Next time I promise to my teacher,group and class mates to not slack off and do my work without to much trouble.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Room 15
812 lollipop avenue

Room 15
Tawa intermeadiate


Hey wonderful year sixes!

Hi my name is Michael and here are a few guides to help you get through intermediate.

1.remember to have correct uniform when you come to Tawa Intermediate because if you don't, you can get told if quite bad unless you have a note.

2. Bring p.e shoes because you do p.e every day.

3. And last but not least if u do food spec bring a container or u won't be able to bring your food home ;(.bye guys!!!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I remember the first day ready to go to camp.When we arrived Kids had a grin on there face like hyenas on a high. When we arrived at the camp we all put our bags in the white hall and had a chill out on the playground.The first activity we did was the indoor rock climbing,abseiling and swings wich I was about to explode to see.Next was high and low ropes witch was quite fun. After that the day was over and we all went to bed like we didn't care.

The next few days were as fun as running on sunshine.We did white water rafting and abseiling down a 30 meter cliff. We went rafting down rivers and rapids that were like arms lifting you up.

The next days we went hiking,caving and on a giant flying fox.I thought the flying fox was the coolest cause u went so fast so high up. I thought that camp was the coolest I've been to ever so why don't you,bye.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

There once was a dog,who got lost in the fog.Suddenly appeared was a frog who helped him out of the fog.
And the dog and the frog became good friends.

Once there was a pig,who loved to dig. Then came along was a big big pig,who was playing a gig.and they lived happily ever after..sorta.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

3-2-1 fun,should kids under 16 be aloud on motorbikes?

Broom broom,woosh,do you like motorbikes cause I love them to the bone.Every bump,hump and jump is like a roller coaster but do you think it is safe for children under 16,but to me,it is a great recommended sport.

Lots of people ride motorbikes over the age limit but we aren't doing anything about it,like I ride my quad bike which is 12 and over but i ride it anyway and I'm only 11.But if you think it is ok,well sometimes it isn't very pretty.I thing u should be aloud to be under 16 to ride but they should be aware of the age limit on that motorbike that they might ride.

But I think it is ok to be on a bigger as long as you are under adult super vision

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tail trail

"Did u say your not my friend anymore"?"yes i did,have you got a problem with that you enormous round cow".

"How could you say that to me",I'm sorry but our friendship is over...FOREVER!

3 weeks later..."hey,I'm sorry for saying that horrible stuff,friends,frreinds."and the lived happily ever after😃

Thursday, 6 September 2012

bruce and jack

Once there was a dog called Bruce and a cat called Jack.If u dont know tey are enimies so they hate each other.When they were walking down the street.Bruce said'i am going to eat u if u dont get out of my way!But Jack did

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ki o rahi

As i was about to jump into the pawero i was thinking if i could jump over there or not.Suddenly pasted the ball to brad and he went into the distince,all of a sudden he passed it back to me and i had go running back to the pawaero to throw the ball at the tupu.Dam i missed but someone had gone with the ball and ran out somewhere into the outside of th game.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I made it into the olympics

YAY i could not belive i had won the olympics swimming and my family was laughing and crying all the way up the row!I gave my mommy a big hug and same with my dad.I couldent wait to get back to New Zealand to see every body with my gold medal.

I saw all my team mates and all my fans and i was proud of it

Thursday, 9 August 2012

on your marks, get set...

on your marks,get set,GO!Before i knew it the plate had allready gone down and the 10 bmx bikes were off round the first brim to the double jump.Every little rock i ran over felt like i was running on jelly and i was about to come off the bike onto the fence.Every brim felt like my spine was geting shorter like something was pushing on it.Oh ow its the big hill the bike just dropped and it felt like your guts were rising making me feel sick in the inside.

Its time,for the 10 jumps.Each one was like a roller coaster going up and down suddenly my rose like you were getting lifted by the neck.Time for the finish,each peddal was pumping up and down,up and down who gonna make it.Number 812 wins the croud goes wild.

the crash

Number 812 in the lead, he decides to go over the double!SMASH he goes flying off the bike right into the retaining wall.111 we need a ambulance''what has happened sir''akid has fallen off his motorbike strait into a retaining wall and in unconscious.I remember waking up in the hospital with a big thing round my legs.

I was surrounded by doctors as i was lying down on a bed in the hospital,u was fully conscious Michael said the doctor and u will be fine and out of hospital next week.We just need u to stay here in case something happens to u.It was a big crash from the looks of it,I'm so happy ur ok said my mum and dad.2 weeks later.

its time to go back on the track for the last season ride,HONK goes the horn.All the bikes r off into the distince,812 in the lead again after the crash on the double jump


Friday, 27 July 2012

the ride

 It all started with my dad yelling at me because it was the levin dirt bike ride was on.I didint want to miss that opportunity.My uncle finally came round so we could put my bike on and i was off to levin.

When we got to otaki we stopped to get some fuel and food that would last us the day. Finally we arrived at Levin just on time for the briefing. We went over to the tent and they told us what arrows were what and the main hazards like bull holes, mud bags, Jums etc.

When we got back to the car we got our gear on checked. we had everything warmed the motorbikes up and we went. The first 15 km was easy until we go to the bags and hills where there were heaps of people had fallen off. So my uncle and I went up the grass hill which was so steep I enarly felt off the which back.

As i reashed the finishing point i was about a minute from running out of petrol.We were all fine and happy that we finished.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

my hobbie

Hi everybody,today im here to write about my hobbie and the stuff i like to do in my spare time.

                                                           My hobbie
My main hobbie has always been motorcross.I started when i was 2 on a quadbike and moved onto a two wheelier when i was 8.my biggest ride ive done is 100 km witch was on the adults track.My first adilt ride was 18.5 km long.
                                                          The gear
the main gear you should use is longpants,long sleve shirt,gloves,mx boots,a neck brase,kidney belt,helmet,chest/back vest and gogels.I always carry a backpack with a toolkit,spark plug and some food and water.I only wear pants,a shirt,mx boots,gloves,helmet and gogels when riding round at home.
Michael wheelieMichael motorbiking

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cross country

Hi guys,its michael.Im here today to write about the cross country on friday the 18th may.I hope you like my writing.

                                                            The beggining

Todays the day,yes its cross country and im ready to go.As all the year 7 boys linded up i thout in my head (i can do this,i can do this)suddenly mr o,c blew the whistle,the first line of boys went running off,  next he blew the whistle for the second row, me and anton ran of up the street

                                                            The run

As we were running up the hill l started to get tired because i waisted all my energy on the start witch was dumb of me because every one was passing me.Every time we ran up a hill i got tired but when i went down the hill i regained my energy.as we ran down the final hill i ditched anton and ran as fast as i could to the finsh,as i ran through the finish line i was so happy.The lady gave me a number,i came 64th.I  waited for anton,he came 71th.,

Friday, 11 May 2012

My America experience.

It all started at 6.00 pm with us all in the car ready to go to the airport.Finlay we got to the airport and we got onto the plane first we were in the plane for 13 hours. When we woke up we were all served breakfast and i had some yogurt and a cookie.When we arrived in America we were all jumping happily with joy.When arrived at our hotel we all jumped into bed and had a big sleep.

The next day we all went to Disneyland ,my brother started to laugh.The first ride we went on was called splash mountain where you went through a big tunnel that went into a cartoon place with heaps of characters.At the end we went down a big mountain that made the fake log hydroplane across the water.We got soaked!

The next day we went to the thorn berry farm witch was FULL of roller coasters that was based on snoopy the dog.The first roller coaster we went on was called the accelerator.When you got in your heart started pounding as you went about 100 meters up and went strait down.

Monday, 7 May 2012

The dead dog

Hey guys,its Michael.I'm just here to right about me being a character in my book called "the curious incident of the dog in the night time,by Mark Haddon.

My name is Christopher and this is how i found who murdered the dog called wellington.I was walking to the dairy one night when i saw a dog lying on the street with a giant garden fork stuck into the front of its belly.So i decided that i would do some detective work.First i went to Mrs Alexander house to see if she knew anything about who killed wellington.

When i knocked on her door she opened the door and said 'hi Christopher, what a surprise to see you hear coming round to sell some cookies or something.I laughed and said no,I'm actually going round to see if anyone knew anything about who killed wellington.She said ,what happened to wellington,i said,i saw him lying on the side of the road with a fork stuck in his belly.She didn't know anything,so i went home and told dad.

I didn't have a mum because she died of a heart attack,anyway i told my dad and he said where was the dog ,and i said ,he was lying in front of Mrs shears house.He slammed his hand on the table and said,i do not want you to mention her name in our house.